StopLoss Jones Tube

The StopLoss Jones tube puts an end to the high loss rate of ordinary Jones tubes yet is safe, effective and easy to use. Using a patented flexible, resilient bonded internal flange the Stoploss tube prevents extrusion caused, for example, by nose-blowing, sneezing or eye-rubbing. During insertion the flange flexes to allow simple placement, without the need to create a broad track. Within the nose the internal flange springs opens to hold the tube securely, minimising the risk of extrusion. If required, the tube can also be removed easily, and without risk of tissue damage, as the flange folds in reverse during extraction.

The tube itself is constructed from Pyrex glass for excellent tear drainage, longevity and biocompatibility. StopLoss Jones tubes are available in a range of sizes to allow fitting to virtually all patients and special size orders can usually be accommodated. Each Stoploss tube is supplied individually packaged and sterilised

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